Expert Diagnosis

Specialist Vascular Surgeons

Our Surgical team are GMC registered, and have completed  specialist training in surgical and ultrasound techniques.  They have annual appraisal and audit the outcomes of the treatment they provide.

Endovenous Ablation

The first choice for treating the Great and Small Saphenous Veins

Endovenous ablation is the current gold standard. Although the most expensive of treatments it gives the best results and allows patients back to normal activity almost immediately. It can be performed under either a Local (awake) or General ( asleep) anaesthetic .

Multiple Avulsions

A keyhole technique for removing lumpy veins on the legs

We use multiple avulsions to make sure that people have their varicose veins removed so that they are happy to expose their legs. The treatment can be done when awake under local anaesthetic as a ‘walk in, walk out’ procedure, or when asleep under a general anaesthetic. It is often combined with endovenous ablation so you only need one treatment session.

Specialist Vascular Ultrasound

One Stop appointments with our senior vascular scientists

In order to provide the best assessment of your blood vessels we only use accredited vascular scientists and work in partnership with Vascular Ultrasound Ltd.


Walk in Walk out injection treatment

Varicofoam is an excellent technique for treatment of Varicose Veins in patients who do not want surgery or who have leg ulcers. It is also the least expensive of the treatments available.


Treatment for spider and thread veins

We use fine injections, which barely hurt, to treat the broken veins that are frequently a problem for people who do not want to expose their legs.


Meet Our Team

Highy qualified professionals
Mr Bruce Braithwaite
Founder of Veincare and Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Our most experienced consultant who treats over 40 people per month with varicose veins. Mr Braithwaite has also led the pioneering research which can be viewed on this site.
Dr. Mark Brown
Many of our treatments are done under local anaesthesia but when a General Anaesthetic is required then our senior anaesthetist Dr Mark Brown, provides safe and comfortable anaesthesia 
Samantha Reid
Practice Nurse
Our local anaesthetic service is run by Sam who helps to look after our patients who choose local anaesthetic procedures. 
Dawn Reszke
Practice Manager
Dawn runs the Veincare Practice and is the person who can answer nearly all your questions.
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