Excellent from start to finish


Excellent from start to finish. Mr. Braithwaite is a lovely man who put me at ease right from my first consultation where my varicose veins were assessed and examined. I was offered various procedures to remove my unsightly dilemma and everything was explained to help me make my choice of surgery. After i had made my decision, i was offered another appointment to have an in-depth ultra sound scan which looked deep into my leg. My final appointment was for the surgery itself, i was very nervous and hesitant as i had decided to have the surgery performed under local anaesthetic instead of general anaesthetic but i was made to feel at ease and relaxed. The actual procedure itself is not at all pleasant but i am so pleased that i had it done and the results are amazing. Gone are the unsightly veins and also all of the pain that went with them. All in all i am extremely happy with my experience and i would highly recommend Bruce Braithwaite and his excellent assistant. – From Doctify