I am very happy at the initial outcome


Here is my feed back for Dr Braithwaite as requested on the leaving notice.


The higher strength foam and the extra quantity really has paid off. The veins feel proper

dry and dead and hard. When I usually take the bandages off I can see that it is an improvement

but this will be temporary.

Any vein not closed at source is just like blood at a dam wall ready to squeeze its way through.

Also I felt on this appointment more time was spent on my leg and it was a thorough session.

Apart from the vein 1cm down where the vein was missed all areas of concern were dealt with.

I really get the feeling that after this visit my next visits will hopefully be less frequent and if dealt

with in the same manor and extra strength fluid may even cure it.

For about 7 days the areas treated were sore but not uncomfortable, it just felt like they had been properly

obliterated. It actually felt really good for it.

Its early days yet and I am sure that in time they will rear their ugly head but it was a good session

and it is evident in the outcome on my leg.

I am very happy at the initial outcome. – VT had foam sclerotherapy