looks better already


Had my vein op ( avulsions under local anaesthetic). It was quite uncomfortable at times during the procedure and the injections I had felt very stingy. Post op I have had hardly any pain and very little bruising.Putting on the support stockings have been a nightmare. I am quite fit and

have slim legs but I just couldn’t put them on on my own.!!! It was a 2 man job with my husband. Don’t think an elderly lady could manage them at all. But they are an essential part of the success of the procedure.

Feel that that it would have been nice to have a bit of post op support. It’s early days but I think the end result looks better already and hopefully will end up looking even better. – KO

Following this feedback the Veincare team called the patient a week later. She had trouble getting the stockings over the ankle but was reassured that a larger size would have fallen down. She said she was happy.