slightly more painful than I imagined


I was pleased with the consultation and the initial chat etc about what could be done , how and when . Then communication broke down slightly and contacting the service / hospital was quite difficult . I had a couple of questions that needed answering also , this happened quite late in the day . I appreciate things need to be paid for upfront but I did feel at times it was ‘give us your money ‘ . The day of the procedure was as good as I could have wished and was put at ease from the start to the finish . It was slightly more painful than I imagined at times but bearable and glad I was awake for the procedure. The results so far look and seem great and can’t wait to not have to wear the tights and the scratchy feeling to go and then finally to get my legs out on show for a change ! – patient had both legs treated with endovenous ablation and avulsions under local anaesthetic

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