The appointment went very well


I had an appointment with Dr. Braithwaite on 25/9/23. The appointment went very well with the named Dr. However, the greeting I received from the receptionist could have been more welcoming. This person did not smile at all whilst dealing with my check in and seemed to be a little irritated to the fact my Surgery had not been entered into the system. Unfortunately I am hard of hearing and had to ask them to repeat the questions. I did say I could not hear what was being asked. The receptionist did nothing 
to help ie. speak a little louder, or move themselves closer to the class so I could answer the question. I found this person was not very pleasant at all. I am a private patient paying for a service to which I would expect a more welcoming greeting. However , wether I am going private or not, we should all be treated with a smile and a pleasant greeting as some of us feel anxious and afraid when visiting such places. – JB

Mr Braithwaite was saddened to see this response but he has no influence over the staff employed by the hospital where he sees patients. He has notified the hospital manager about this feedback so that the reception staff can receive the appropriate training and an apology can be sent by them to the patient.