Ultrasound is a special investigation used to look at the internal workings of the body. It is the same method used for looking at a baby before it is born.

The Veincare team include Vascular Scientists and Radiologists who are specialists at Duplex Ultrasound.

Before any treatment to the veins it is important to know exactly which veins are affected so the correct treatment can be selected.

It is advisable to have a scan of the veins before treatment.

Duplex scans can also be used to check the deep veins and is the best method to see if someone has a deep vein thrombosis

If you would like a scan of your aorta arteries or veins, you can book in to the special ultrasound clinic. A doctor is not normally available at these clinics but the Senior Vascular Scientists will be able to tell you what they have found. As part of the service, you and your GP will receive a report once the scan results have been checked by one of the Veincare Specialists.

Please contact Veincare if you would like to pay to have a scan.