Varicose Vein under local anaesthetic professionally and reassuringly


Varicose Vein under local anaesthetic: My appointment for the procedure was at 11.00 and as with previous appointments it was on time. Mr Braithwaite carried out the procedure with the aid of his nurse Sam Reid. The whole experience was carried out both professionally and reassuringly during the hour long operation. I was under a local anaesthetic and Mr Braithwaite explained exactly what he was doing during the operation. He chatted and made the whole experience a pleasant one putting me at ease during the surgery. Meanwhile his nurse, Sam held my hand and likewise chatted. She was lovely and made me feel relaxed and at ease. Both were great and I can highly recommend anyone to consider using Veincare and particularly Mr Braithwaite. PU who had endovenous ablation and avulsions under a local anaesthetic