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Conditions that Veincare consultants treat to help your symptoms:

Varicose Veins

Spider and Thread Veins

Leg Ulcers

Bulging Temporal Arteries

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Treatments and Prices

Key Hole Vein surgery
Endovenous ablation and avulsions
From £1613

Spider vein treatment with microsclerotherapy
Cost £294 per session

Leg ulcer treatment with Foam sclerotherapy From £1241

Veincare treatments are keyhole and include endovenous ablation and avulsions which remove the lumpy veins on the legs. Veincare Specialises in walk-in walk-out treatments  under local anaesthetic,  with only one visit needed to treat your veins.

Microsclerotherapy uses a chemical that ‘glues’ the walls of spider veins together by causing a natural process of safe thrombus formation. It does not require any anaesthetic and works well on fine blue and red veins that are too small for foam sclerotherapy.

Veincare treatments for leg ulcers are keyhole and include foam sclerotherapy and endovenous ablation which help to heal the ulcer and keep it healed. Treatment can be performed under local anaesthetic, as a walk-in walk-out procedure or as a daycase under a general anaesthetic, with only one visit needed to treat the veins

Treatment of prominent temporal vessels can be done by a temporal artery ligation procedure under local anaesthesia as a walk-in walk-out procedure.

Bulging vessels in the temporal region at the side of the forehead are caused by the superficial temporal artery. It appears to occur mainly in men. The enlargement is a combination of loss of fat under the skin and increased blood flow with exercise, heat, emotional stress and alcohol intake.


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Meet The Veincare Team who are here to help you

Mr Bruce Braithwaite ( Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Founder of Veincare)

Trained in Cambridge, London, Oxford and the USA, Mr Braithwaite has been a Consultant Vascular Surgeon since the summer of 2000.  He has over 28 years experience in the treatment of varicose veins. He consults with and treats, on average, 12 patients every day he has a specialist vein clinic in the Midlands or Central London. He provides a face to face and an online consultation service. As a result of his expertise, he can often advise on the problem and possible solutions before meeting you in person. This means he can  arrange investigations and treatments so you are treated as quickly as you may wish and in the most efficient and effective way, getting you back to normal activities with the minimum of inconvenience.

Meet the Veincare Team of Consultants and Senior Vascular Scientists

Dr Duncan Brennand is a consultant interventional radiologist at the Veincare and London Interventional radiology clinics in Harley Street, the Princess Grace Hospital and other hospitals in London W1.

Dr Brennand is an expert in ultrasound, CT and MRI imaging, particularly of the chest and vessels and he is highly-experienced in image-guided interventional techniques for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Dr Brennand qualified from St Marys Hospital Medical School London in 1996. He went on to specialise in interventional and diagnostic radiology at University College Hospital London in 2005.

Dr Brennand has an interest and involvement in aesthetic medicine and surgery, which developed when he worked as part of the plastic surgery team at The Middlesex Hospital in 2000. By learning from leading doctors and practitioners, Dr Brennand has brought a fresh approach to aesthetic medicine.

He works with his patients to achieve a balance and harmonious result in all circumstances, from wrinkle reduction and lip augmentation through to his specialist interest in combination therapies for holistic facial rejuvenation.  

Dr Habib is the most senior, full-time interventional radiologist at the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. He has particular expertise in the treatment of acute iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and post thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

He trained at Harefield & Addenbrookes Hospitals and has been a consultant in Vascular intervention and cardiac imaging since 2003. He has pioneered many interventional procedures and has performed nearly 15000 arterial and venous angioplasties. He has numerous publications of his research.  His achievements in the field of vascular intervention have featured on the BBC and in national papers. 

He treats patients at the Spire Hospital in Nottingham which, in 2019, had the most modern specialist vascular operating department in any private hospital in the UK.

Dr Brown is a senior consultant anaesthetist who is an expert in dealing with patients who need varicose vein or arterial surgery.

He has worked with the Veincare team for over 20 years.

Dr Rina Mehotra is the principal consultant anaesthetist for Veincare in London. She specialises in the use of sedation which means Veincare Patients have a safe, comfortable anaesthetic, with minimal risk of feeling unwell afterwards. This means Veincare patients can leave hospital soon after their operation has been completed.

Prof Toby Richards is a Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon at the Veincare Clinics in London.

Prof Richards is currently working in Perth Australia and is available for advice and online consultations

Mr Beech is a Director of Vascular Ultrasound ltd which works closely with Veincare consultants to provide a high quality, pain free imaging service, often as a one stop clinic.

Dr Mr Simpson (PhD) is a Director of Vascular Ultrasound ltd which works closely with Veincare consultants to provide a high quality, pain free imaging service, often as a one stop clinic.

He has been a Vascular Scientist since 2001 and helps the department to scan nearly 7000 patients per year.

He is an Honorary Assistant Professor at the University of Nottingham with a research interest in imaging of patients with Post Thrombotic Syndrome. He has presented Veincare’s Research on the neovalve procedure at the National Conference.

Meet the Veincare Practice Management Team

Dawn is the practice manager for Veincare. She has worked with the team for nearly 20 years and has a comprehensive understanding of what treatments are avaialable. She is often the first member of the team to talk to patients so has probably heard and knows the answers to most questions Veincare’s patients have. 


Sam has been working with Veincare since 2013. She is the senior practice nurse and gets great feedback from patients.

Sam is an expert in the use of the Veincare creams that can be used to disguise any blemishes on the skin.

Sam is also the member of the team who can supply compression hosiery.

Below are some of the patient information videos about Veincare and the Treatments we offer.

A Patient's Journey and their Varicose vein Treatment with Veincare Woodthorpe

Veincare pathway explained

A popular video explaining foam sclerotherapy

Endovenous ablation - the gold standard

Short video showing sclerotherapy of spider veins

A video on Post Thrombotic Syndrome

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